Volunteer Opportunities

Pathways is always looking to recruit talented individuals to volunteer and/or work at Pathways. If you are interested in employment, please email your resume to ed@pathwayskelowna.ca . If you are interested in volunteering, please email em@pathwayskelowna.ca.

Current Volunteer Positions Available

Member of the Community Engagement and Special Events Committee (CESEC)

– CESEC reaches out to people throughout the community sharing the message of inclusion and providing education and information through organizing and participating in compelling local special events and promotions.

– Meet on a regular basis with the CESEC committee to create and organize community engagement and awareness events

Special Events Volunteer

– Assists in decorating, cooking, setting up for and cleaning up after Pathways special events.

– Could include CESEC events, BBQ’s, holiday parties, parade participation, fundraising events.

Activity Group Assistant

– Offer encouragement and guidance.

– Interacts with individuals participating in the group.

– Participate in the activity.

– Offer suggestions to individuals and staff regarding the activity structure.

Computer Mentor

In “Computer Basics” people who have diverse abilities learn basic skills in order to navigate Microsoft Windows, software programs and access the internet to use social media and email. Pathways staff are on hand to assist the participants who are involved in the group.

– Interacts with the people involved in the group to find out what types of computer applications they like to use.

– Offers guidance and support in using the applications.

– Suggests other applications that the individual may be interested in.

– Reviews on-line safety and security with people who are accessing the internet and social media.

– Gives feedback and input to improve the Computer Basics activity.

Community Bridge Builder

– Spends time with an individual in the community participating in mutual interests.

– Is matched with a supported individual who has similar interests.

– Builds relationship with the individual over time.

– Seeks out settings of hospitality in the community.

– Introduces the individual to others in the community who share their interests.

BikeWays Technician

– Experience with basic bicycle maintenance and repair.

– Work with the BikeWays volunteer team to make used bicycles safe for resale.

BikeWays Assistant

– Greet customers and help to keep the shop functioning.

– Administrative functions including data base input, inventory, cash and debit transactions, entering sales into the data base.

– Maintenance: dusting, cleaning, organizing.

Landscape Assistant

Pathways strives to maintain properties to a standard that ensures the individuals we support are pleased with the environments in which they spend their time with us.

– Maintain the existing landscaping of agency owned properties.

– The Landscape Assistants are responsible for weeding and pruning shrubbery as required.

– Occasionally landscaping projects will be undertaken and the volunteers will be asked if they would like to assist.

Share Your Passion

Do you have a favorite topic or hobby that you are passionate about? Are you seeking out others who might be interested in the same thing? Pathways needs you! We will find a way for you to share your interest with others.

– Lead an activity/class.

– Coach someone to learn a new skill.

– Present a lecture.

– Whatever your interest or passion we can find a way for you to share your enthusiasm about your favorite topic or hobby.

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