Social Ventures

Employment through social ventures

For individuals who have barriers to employment and/or require a work experience or Discovery observation, Social Ventures provides employment opportunities.

Pathways Abilities Society contracts with community employers. Individuals work under the supervision and support of Pathways Abilities Society for either part of or their entire shift or require on-going periodic monitoring.

Social Ventures has a long standing (15 plus years) relationship with Okanagan College and University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) (the two were formerly one), Columbia Bottle Depot and the City of Kelowna.

In fact, Social ventures has managed the City of Kelowna’s lost and stolen bike program for over 20 years and operates BikeWays, the society’s used bike shop. Bikes not reclaimed and or donated to the society are fixed and sold to the general public at a reduced cost, creating employment opportunities for the people we serve

Social Venture services are provided typically in a group and offer employment, assessments, education, planning, skill development, support, on-site training, job coaching, development of natural supports, monitoring and follow up.

The service supports individuals who require supervision for health and safety reasons and/or require supervision for issues that may jeopardize the health and safety of others in the work environment or who may not be able to complete all tasks and require a staff to carryout vital roles in order that the work can be completed.

The main office is located at 1216 St. Paul Street. – Days and hours are dependent on the contract. Office hours may vary. Please call 250-763-4837 – Extension 125.

For the BikeWays Bike Shop please call  250-763-4837 – Extension 3.

Services are driven by the belief that people with diverse abilities are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as all citizens. Opportunities at times are adapted to accommodate the differing abilities of each person.

Core services are funded by Community Living BC (CLBC). Additional funding is provided by various British Columbia ministries and or corporations, fees, contracts, sales, donations and granting from various other stakeholders.  Our main referral source is CLBC.

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