Integrated Career Opportunities (ICO)

Partnering with the community to create customized employment opportunities for individuals

Integrated Career Opportunities provide opportunities for paid work by providing employment supports to find, secure and maintain employment for individuals with diverse abilities.

Services offer assessments, education, planning, skill development, support, on-site training, job coaching, development of natural supports, monitoring, follow up and the retention required to find and maintain employment.

Days and hours are dependent on the employment support needs of the person and/or employer.

Office hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. The main office is located at 1216 St. Paul Street.

Services are driven by the belief that people with diverse abilities are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as all citizens. Opportunities at times are adapted to accommodate the differing abilities of each person.

Core services are funded by Community Living BC (CLBC). Additional funding is provided by various British Columbia ministries and or corporations, fees, contracts, sales, donations and granting from various other stakeholders.  Our main referral source is CLBC.

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