Important Information From Community Living BC Regarding COVID – 19 Virus

Pathways Abilities Society

March 16, 2020

Community Living BC issued a release today. For the full details AND UPDATES please go their website at

This specific section applies to day services:

One question we are seeing emerge today from service providers is whether day programs should be considered non-essential and closed as a precaution. It is important that all decisions be based on public health expertise, in order that we do not create unnecessary challenges for individuals and families who rely on your services.

We have consulted with the Ministry of Health who DO NOT recommend that service providers unilaterally shut day programs unless advised by their local health authority. It may be advisable, however, to make adjustments to these programs in order to safely support all individuals and especially those who are medically fragile.

We have asked the Ministry of Health for additional advice on how to prevent transmission in settings like day programs and will pass this on as soon as we receive it.”

Pathways Abilities Society is very committed to supporting individuals, their families and caregivers.  Our services, other than our evening and weekend recreation service (which is closed until further notice), will remain open until we are otherwise directed by theMinistry of Health or CLBC under the following conditions:

– First and foremost, if you can stay home please do. This is a national recommendation.

– We will be operating at an essential service and most community activities will be cancelled.

– You must wash your hands when you enter the building.

– You must be able to cough independently into your elbow.

– We will not be providing any coffee, etc.


If you fit into one of the following, until the COVID-19 crisis is over, you cannot attend our services: 

– You are medically fragile.

– You are sick, especially if you have a fever.

– You have a compromised (bad) immune system.

–  You have respiratory (problems with you lungs) disorders.

– You are over the age of 70 (this is for your own protection).


Please check out website daily for updates and or call the immediate service area. If you would prefer an email update please email Charisse at

We will keep you informed to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented (unusual) time!

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