Hadgraft Wilson Place

Hadgraft Wilson Place

Provides safe rental options in our community geared to people with limited incomes. The building has 9 studio units, 40 1-bedroom units and 19 2- bedroom units. Eight of the one-bedroom units are completely wheelchair accessible.

Applicants must have positive rental references, adhere to the terms of the rental agreement and all agency policies and procedures. This is a non-smoking property.

Applicants are required to provide:

Proof of address and rent:

– Copy of current rent receipt or recent rent increase notice; or

– Copy of lease or tenancy agreement showing current rent amount

Proof of income or disability assistance (required for all household members aged 19+)

– If receiving income assistance or disability assistance from the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction: copy of cheque stub or confirmation of monthly assistance.

– If employed: proof of current gross monthly income (last three consecutive cheque stubs or letter from employer).

– Copies of cheque stubs, bank statements showing direct deposit of pensions, or other confirmation of income for any other income source.

Proof of assets (required for all household members aged 19 +)

– Copies of recent bank summaries and statements from all financial accounts clearly stating the account holder’s name.

– Copies of property tax assessments for value of property owned and proof of outstanding mortgage(s).

Applications are accepted through on-line submissions only at https://pathwayswlapp.arcori.com.

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