Board of Directors

Pathways Abilities Society held their 67th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 14, 2020.

One existing directors were re-elected to the board for a three year term, Darryl Harand. A new board member, Jim Hadgraft was also elected to the board for a 3 year term. We would like to welcome Jim! The inaugural meeting of the board was held after the AGM and we are pleased to announce the 2020/2021 Board of Directors are as follows: Officers: Mark Reinelt-President, David Low –Vice-President and Patricia Rantucci-Secretary Treasure, Directors: Jim Hadgraft, Nick Pisio, Richard Pringle, Jock Craddock, Chuck Hopkins and Darryl Harand.

Mark Reinelt – President
David Low – Vice President
Patricia Rantucci – Secretary Treasurer
Chuck Hopkins – Director At Large
Richard Pringle – Director At Large
Nick Pisio – Director At Large
Jock Craddock – Director At Large
Darryl Harand – Director At Large
Jim Hadgraft – Director At Large