Residential and Home Sharing


What is Home Sharing?

Sharing a home means sharing a safe, caring, patient and encouraging environment for an individual with a diverse ability, to allow them to grow and gain greater independence.

As a home share care giver, you’ll provide a safe, respectful, healthy and supportive service to assist individuals to live interdependently in a manner that reflects their lifestyle choices.

Services help individuals develop knowledge and skills in communications, personal and civic responsibility, safety, self-help, domestic, health, wellness, hygiene, recreation, leisure, socialization, life skills and community participation.

Supports and services hours are provided as outlined in each contract, which is typically when the person or persons are home.

This service is offered in private homes as well as agency owned location(s). Funding for this service is provided through CLBC and private sources.

When you open the doors to your home through Home Sharing, you’re really opening up your heart and your family’s heart, helping improve the quality of life for someone with a diverse ability.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Home Sharing, read this great article featuring one of our Home Share care providers. Or email Leslie Munro at

Home Share Service Handbook Dec 2019