COVID-19 Update

Our services, other than our evening and weekend recreation service (which is closed until further notice) are being offered to the individuals who attend. BikeWays is however closed to the public. Services are open until we are otherwise directed by the Ministry of Health or CLBC under the following conditions however first and foremost, if you can stay home please do. This is a national recommendation. Please do let us know if you will not be attending. If you do attend it is at your own risk.  We will be operating at an essential service level and all community activities have been cancelled. People attending and our staff (we are very grateful for their commitment to the people we support) must wash their hands when they enter the building and PRACTICE Universal Precautions.  However if you fit into one of the following, until the COVID-19 crisis is over, you cannot attend our services:

– You cannot cough independently into your elbow.

– You are medically fragile.

– You are sick, especially if you have a fever.

– You have a compromised (bad) immune system.

–  You have respiratory (problems with you lungs) disorders.

– You are over the age of 70 (this is for your own protection).


We will post updates regularly even if there are no changes. Please continue to check our website.  Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.